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Build an employer identity that resonates authentically

Skyrocket your brand recall and hire talent 10x faster through impactful culture branding

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Brand Enagement & Recall
Build a community that sticks around
3% of employees share company content, driving a 30% total engagement increase for those businesses.

Powerful thought leadership leaves an enduring impact on audiences and customers, creating a supportive community online.

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Attracting Talent
Locate peak performers in half the time, half the cost

Instead of waiting for perfect applicants, genuinely engage talent and referrals proactively.


Leverage employees publicly supporting your company across their social channels to showcase excellent workplace growth paths - beyond just a job to hopefully captivate candidates for long-term team fits.

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Recognition & Reach
Utilize your best resources

Employee networks can be 10 times larger than a company's followers. When colleagues share posts, it's seen as 3 times more authentic. This helps the message stand out from most advertising content available online.


Promoting employees to share content not only reaches more people but also increases the visibility of your company page and improves overall engagement.

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of companies with a successful thought leadership program are more likely to attract top talent


of audiences say employee communication is key to developing trust with their employers
Culture & Credibility
Cultivate a relatable brand image

Displaying company culture online helps stand apart from competitors. Promoting values, products, and internal culture shows audiences the continuous improvements made while keeping employees informed on the company's progress across all areas.

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Start your journey to become a thought leader today! 10x your engagements and increase your reach by 5x.

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