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Tailored content on autopilot

for executives, brands, and marketers to promote thought leadership, boost reach, and drive engagement – all in just 5 minutes a week.

Flywheelr app thought leadership content
Brand marketing app

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How it works

Define target persona for brand and executives
Step 1

Choose your target audience

Help us identify your areas of interest, target audience and accounts, brand tone, and what you want to be known for in the industry with a quick onboarding call! Following this we generate content that brings out your authenticity and reaches a relevant and targeted set of audiences.

Step 2

Receive content tailored to boost engagement

Select from a wide variety of content types - including text, images, infographics, carousels, cheat sheets, occasion celebration posts, documents, and more. This brings content variety and increases adoption rates by your target personas.

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Flywheelr app content management
Step 3

Publish effortlessly while keeping full control

Spend 5 minutes a week to approve, reject, or edit content before it goes out on your profile and connect with specially curated connection recommendations and top voices that help boost your content to potential customers, improving brand visibility

Step 4

Get measurable results that defines your growth

Understand your engagement growth, reach, demographics catered, social selling index, and other key KPIs  through regular reports to measure, or reiterate your strategy for optimal reach based on the most up-to-date business requirements

Measure brand growth and engagement

Receive a complimentary custom online presence analysis

Our specialists will conduct an in-depth analysis, providing evidence-based recommendations to optimize your online presence. Also receive a customized report written just for you, plus relevant introductions to widen your network - completely free of charge!

Flywheelr brand and executive  assessment report
Flywheelr customer ibm

Companies that have used Flywheelr

Flywheelr customer Mirage resorts
Flywheelr customer mastercard
Flywheelr customer Anthem
Use Cases

The cure for all your content headaches

Brand reach use case
Boost meaningful engagement and build widespread awareness to drive organic outreach.
Sale use case
Skyrocket your brand recall and hire talent 10x faster through impactful culture branding

We focus on lifting content frustrations so that you can focus on building customer relationships.

By consolidating your content needs into curated strategies, you can accelerate your connectedness across your community.

Marketing use case
Grow customer relationships with authentic content that resonates with their intent

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Thought leadership use case

Partner with your executives to lead as innovative thinkers and increase brand reach

events use case
Stand out from your competitors at every event and instantly create buzz amongst the audience

Witness the customer-fueled Flywheel(r) effect in action

"By building the personal brands of our key employees, Flywheelr expanded our company's social touchpoints and digital footprint to 10x over in just a few months"

Debbie D

Start your journey to become a thought leader today! 10x your engagements and increase your reach by 5x.

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